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Richelle Boscher

I have two daughters represented by World and we have been very happy with our experience so far. Jade is encouraging but straightforward about the modeling profession and has been very helpful with opportunities for their development as models. All of their interactions with the World team have been very positive!

Justin Squires

An absolute wonderful experience dealing with these guys. Tyler Raymond was extremely accommodating and offered up a refreshingly different approach to the industry.

Jake Matton

I’m more than thrilled to be represented by World Management! The whole team has a strong and crafted point of view on the modeling and creative industry, which puts them above the rest. Everyone is professional, caring and clearly works for you.
Kylie Hughson in particular has watched me grow from the start of my career before World Management came into my life, and she represents me currently. With her being easy to contact and approach for advice & questions, it makes the relationship of agent & model less stressful and daunting. I am happy to call World Management my representation.

Barret Coates

One of the best agencies around the world. They take care of you on every project and also sign many models internationally. I have been travelling the world for the past 3 years now working as an actor and model all thanks to World Management INC. They are well connected and have many clients. They build you a strong portfolio and put you into the right categories of which best fits your look. I can’t wait to see what the future brings. Love you Daniel Spicer!

Tim West

As a professional photographer it’s so important to work with agencies that are professional and guide new and experienced models. I have found World Management Inc to be wonderful to work with. Their models arrive on time, well prepared and ready to shoot. Highly recommend.

Avery Grainger

World Management is hands down the best agency I’ve worked with. The interview was straight forward and super helpful, Jade Tang is the best! I’ve gotten casting calls already within my first few weeks with their agency, which is awesome. I’m so excited for more opportunities with them.

Ericka Taylor

World Management is a great agency, from the people that work there to the opportunities that they provide. Out of the many people that I have come across since moving, I can tell that they are really genuine people who care about their model’s futures. Thank you WM team!

Caitlin Olson

I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to go to the LA on-stay with an amazing group of photographers, models, and mua’s. I made so many new friends that I can’t wait to see again. My trip was a life-changing experience that I’ll never forget. A big thank you to the agency directors who took care of us and made sure the trip was memorable!

Chinwendu Okerengwo

This year I have been approached by different managers and I myself have approached other management. It’s been a game of trial and error. Since I started working with World Management, I have been nothing but grateful for the effort they have put into furthering my professional career as a model. Looking forward to the future ahead, which I believe will be brighter and brighter and nothing less.

Aimee Bartel

World Management is the best agency. Daniel Spicer and every single one of the agents who work there are highly skilled, very professional and so kind. Working with World Management has been nothing but an amazing experience. In the short months I have been with World Management, I am already getting ready to leave for a contract to work overseas. I am beyond satisfied to be represented by such a strong team of hardworking agents who truly have your back. I highly recommend working with World Management if you are considering getting into the industry! You won’t regret it!

Robbie Molina

had the pleasure to experience the Edmonton On-Stay 2020 last month! It was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve made in 2020 so far. It was also an excuse for me to visit Canada for the first time ever!!! I really got the pleasure to meet all the agency directors and all the other models. It’s crazy how you meet people for a couple days and you miss them a lot! This was a great way for me to keep learning about the modeling industry and to keep working hard. This was something I definitely needed in order to grow as an individual and a model. So well done to the World Team for being so supportive.

Tammy Pham

My experience with World has been nothing but positive. The agency directors are professional, supportive, and great to work with. I just came back from an on-stay experience and had such a great time learning more about the industry, developing my profile, and getting to know other models, make up artists, and photographers.

Jana Yost

As a parent of a 17 year old I appreciate an agency and directors that are genuine, honest, supportive, and encouraging. My daughter has been with WM for a few months now and it has been a fun, exciting, and rewarding experience. Mat has been great! He is professional and supportive 100%. My daughter truly feels like she is part of a team that cares for each model. That was not our experience with another agency in the city. Ava with WM has also been super supportive and my daughter is a big fan of hers. It is awesome to be with an agency that is also so well respected by photographers, MUAs, and community partners. Keep up the great work WM!

Chantel Curry

I love being a model with World Management. They gave me my start into the modelling world and have been so great. I love being with an agency that values all relationships they have with everyone they work with and their models. I have been given opportunities that I never thought would be possible and it’s always up to the model whether or not they want to take part in those opportunities. I recently went on a model on stay to LA and had such an amazing time. You get to travel, meet like minded people and experience what it would be like to live in a house with other models. I can’t wait to experience more on stays and continue to work with an agency that is honest, diverse and friendly. If you’re looking to sign with an agency, this is the one!

Jeyda Duzgoren

I attended the LA On-Stay trip this January and I was presently surprised with how everybody welcomed me and every single model into their hearts. During this trip, I felt beautiful, confident, and most importantly, I felt supported from both the World Management team but also the models that came together in the house. We bonded over games, outings, and shoots and I would definitely recommend the On-Stay trips. I’ve never felt more accepted than when I was on this trip! I’m definitely considering attending another one. Thank you World Management and family 🙂